Using your storage heater

Keeping your home warm

If your home has storage heaters, you might be unsure how best to use them. Especially if your previous home had a central heating system! Here, we run through the top four topics on how to use your storage heater, with a handy guide to download at the bottom of the page.

And, don't forget - storage heaters run on night-time tariffs and release energy during the day.

storage heater


  • The temperature is set at 21°C which represents a typical, comfortable room temperature
  • The temperature shown on the display is the room temperature setpoint
  • When switched on, it'll maintain the temperature displayed
  • If the room temperature is above this temperature, then the fan won’t turn on
  • If you’d like things a little cooler, or hotter, you can rotate the control dial either right or left

Remember: you don’t need to turn the temperature down over night!

Safety and power

  • For your safety, please don’t put anything 30cm (1 foot) in front of the heater
  • Make sure both switches next to the heater are turned on
  • During the summer when things are warmer, you can turn both wall switches off
  • But remember to turn them back on in autumn when the weather turns colder


  • The time and date are set in the factory, and you shouldn’t need to change them
  • The time is automatically adjusted in spring and autumn too

Heating boost

  • You can boost up your heating temperature for up to four hours
  • Once the boost has run for the selected time, it will automatically switch off, and return to the previous setting

Remember: The boost function uses peak rate electricity and could cost you more money

If you think your heater might be broken

If you're struggling to use your heater, or you think it might be broken, we can help. First, download our handy guide to see if there's anything you can do from home. Then, if you're still having trouble, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll come out to take a look.

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