Changing a light bulb

Bathroom light and fluorescent tube

We’ve put together a quick guide to changing your bathroom and fluorescent tubes to keep your lights shining brightly. If you need any light bulbs changed in your communal area, let us know and we’ll do it for you.

Need to change the starter motor?

If you need to change the motor in a fluorescent tube, then follow the easy step by step process below. Starter motors can be purchased from any DIY store at an affordable price, ranging from £1- £4 per motor.

light bulb

Step one

Make sure the light is switched off.

Step two

Press the starter in (it will be on one end of the strip) and turn it clockwise until you can take it out of the slot.

Step three

Take it to the shop and match it up with a new one.

Step four

Once you have the new starter, push it back into the slot and turn it anti-clockwise to lock it into place.