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Support and wellbeing

You're at the heart of everything we do

We want you to feel supported and be happy in your home. We have a range of wellbeing and support services for you to use, whenever you need them.

Our new tenant wellbeing & support service

We’ve partnered with ‘Life & Progress’ to offer you a new support and wellbeing Service.

The service provides practical information, resources, and counselling to help you balance your work, family and personal life. It includes everything from health and wellbeing information, to relationships, managing debt and even your rights as a consumer.

Support is just a click, or telephone call away, and is available no matter when or where, anytime, any day and is completely free.

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Your safety and wellbeing

It's our duty to make sure the people in our homes and communities are safe. That's why we’ve put together a library of useful links that you might find helpful, whether you need help now or simply want to know what’s available to you as a Victory Homes tenant. Remember, your County Council website will also be able to provide more information on safeguarding concerns.

If we’re unable to directly help you, we can point you in the direction of someone who can. Find information about what we can offer, along with links to other support services, on topics such as mental health and substance abuse on our Safety & Wellbeing page.

Support to help you quit smoking

We know how difficult it can be to break a bad habit, especially when that habit is smoking. Whether it’s to improve your own health or to protect those around you, if you’ve decided you want to quit smoking or vaping, then we’re here to support you. We can talk you through the health benefits and let you know where to find helpful information and guidance.  

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Domestic abuse

Everyone should feel safe in their home. Here you can find out who to contact if you, or someone you know, is experiencing domestic abuse. Learn more about how we will support you and which agencies we work with. You are not alone.


Hopestead aims to prevent people from becoming homeless, and can support any of our tenants who might be facing homelessness. Take a look at the range of initiatives available to you – from money saving schemes, to free courses in budgeting and managing your tenancy.

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Money Management

We know life isn’t always straight forward, so if you are experiencing difficulties paying your rent, please let us know as soon as you can. We are here to help.

You might qualify for help towards your rent through housing benefits, and local authority grants may be available if you need additional support.

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Community Skills

The Community Skills team offer information, advice, and guidance to all Victory tenants who are looking to improve their skills and boost their opportunities. The team will work with you as an individual, focussing on your wellbeing, to help you get started and achieve your goals.

If you're facing redundancy, you're out of work or you need to increase your income, the team can help find the right job for you - it could mean working closer to home to avoid costly travel, more hours, less hours, better pay and conditions, more suitable for your situation.

Adapting your home

If you, or a member of your household, is disabled, you may be able to have your home adapted to suit your needs. For this to happen, an assessment would need to be carried out by your County Council (the Social Services authority) and a recommendation made.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you identify who you need to contact to get an assessment. And we'll support you to access the right services to meet your needs. Also, we can provide you with minor adaptations to your home such as fitting grab rails.

Just get in touch with us.

Helpful resources

Sometimes, when it comes to keeping your home in tip-top condition, you might need a helping hand. Working in partnership with Flagship Services, we’ve put together a library of how-to guides, useful tips and practical advice for maintaining your home, inside and out.

Additional support needs

Sometimes, small changes at home can make the biggest difference. For example, if you have poor mobility and need more time to answer the door, we can make sure our staff and trusted contractors know to allow extra time after knocking. To let us know about any additional support needs, all you have to do is fill out this form. 


We want to reassure you that we are taking careful and considerate steps to ensure both our tenants and staff are safe. We appreciate this is a difficult time, but we’re here to listen, support and advise where we can.