Fibre Broadband

Keen to get fibre broadband?

We know how important it is for people to have access to fast fibre broadband.

So whether you're working from home, gaming, or browsing social media, having a fast and secure connection is a key requirement. 

The Government is working hard as part of their leveling up scheme to help connect the country, their goal is to ensure 99% of homes are connected to gigabit broadband by 2030.

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Check your broadband

You might already have superfast broadband connected to your home, but if you're not sure whether you do, you can use the Ofcom checker to find out. 

Simply pop your postcode into the checker, select your address and you'll see whether you've got standard, superfast or ultrafast broadband. 

Depending on the type of property you live in, you might be able to directly request an upgrade from your supplier which they'll manage for you. 

Getting connected - what does it mean for me?

Throughout the UK, Openreach and several other key broadband providers are working to get as many properties as possible successfully connected to full fibre broadband. Sometimes there are situations where that isn't so easy so we've put together some key frequently asked questions to help you understand the process and what it might mean for you if you don't already have full fibre broadband connected to your property. 

Living in a house

If you live in a house, or a flat with its own, direct, entrance, you'll be able to request broadband directly through your current or a new provider. They'll liaise directly with us and other agencies if required and will keep you updated throughout. 

How do I check if I've got broadband?

You can use the Ofcom checker to see what type of broadband you already currently have here

How do I upgrade my broadband?

You'll need to get in contact with your provider directly to request an upgrade. They'll do all the organising to get you connected as quickly as possible. 

My provider has had to seek permission from you

Sometimes, even if you live in a house with its own entrance there may be situations where your provider will still need to request permission from us, for example, if they need to dig through a carpark or communal outdoor space. 

What happens once they seek permission?

We treat each permission request on an individual basis and where possible we'll authorise permission as quickly as possible. 

Sometimes, if it might require a road closure or something more complicated it may take a little longer as the local authority will need to get involved. 

How do I check the progress of my order?

Your first point of contact should always be your provider and they should keep you updated throughout.

If they have requested permission from us, you can get in touch with us to see how far we've got with progressing your request. 

Living in a flat

If you live in a flat that is accessed via a communal entrance things are a bit different. We're working with Openreach on a dedicated project to connect you but we recommend you don't change or upgrade your broadband until we've been in contact. 

How do I check if I've got broadband?

You can use the postcode checker to see what type of broadband you already currently have here

Can I upgrade my broadband?

You can request an upgrade through your provider, however, we'd recommend that you wait to do this. 

At the moment we're working closely with Openreach (who own the majority of fibre cabling throughout the country) to put in place a project to connect all of our blocks of flats that are entered via a communal entrance. 

Until this is in place, we have to reject any requests from any providers to connect any flats in our blocks.

Why are you running a project with Openreach?

As Openreach own the majority of cabling throughout the country and allows all fibre broadband providers to use their cabling, it enables us to make sure our tenants have access to as many different broadband options as possible.

As a result, Openreach will need to access our blocks to perform a survey. This survey allows them to map where the new cabling will go and how it will be cabled to each individual flat. 

As they'll be entering our properties, we need to make sure we've got a contract in place to protect our tenants, Newtide Homes and Openreach from any issues or problems.

Why will this take longer?

We've got a very high number of flats to connect and as a result we'll need a schedule of works in place to cover each block and flat. This way we know exactly what Openreach are working on and when.

This means some areas may be completed sooner and others may have to wait a little while before they're connected. 

Will you contact me?

Yes, we'll be in touch via text (or if we don't have your phone number, via post) to let you know the date that your block of flats will be surveyed. 

Once surveyed and signed off we'll then be in touch again to confirm the date you'll be connected. 

Once you're connected you can get in touch with your provider to upgrade your service. 

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Cheaper broadband packages

If you claim Universal Credit, Pension Credit or some other benefits you may be entitled to cheaper broadband through social tariffs. Social tariffs offer the same level of broadband as regular tariffs at a reduced rate. To find out more and check to see if your provider offers a social tariff click on the button below.

Further questions

If you'd like to find out more or speak to us about any queries you may have, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help. 

If you've requested broadband already from your provider, we always recommend getting in touch with them first to find out what is going on but we're always here to help as much as we can. 

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