Ending homelessness in the East of England

Hopestead is Flagship Group's charity, and it aims to prevent people from becoming homeless. Take a look at the range of initiatives available to you - from money saving schemes, to free courses in budgeting and managing your tenancy - on their website.

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Hopestead Savings Scheme

Are you thinking about getting into better spending habits this year? When you save money, you take a positive step towards your future and we want to reward you for that!

As our tenant, you may be able to access our new savings opportunity. By working in partnership with Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union (ESLCU), Hopestead can offer you an incentivised savings scheme (only if you’re over 18). Through this scheme, you can receive a bonus of up to £100 for regularly saving over a 12-month period.

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Tenancy & Independent Living Skills Training

Hopestead has partnered with ‘Your Own Place’ – another not-for-profit helping to prevent homelessness - to provide our tenants with some fun, engaging and solution-focused support.

The training focuses on a range of topics such as budgeting, tenancy responsibilities, debt and managing bills. 

There are a range of dates available for you to attend. And, don’t worry, if the course is being delivered digitally, they’ll make sure that everyone has the necessary technology to participate.

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