Gardens & cleaning

Grounds maintenance

It's really important to us to make sure we look after our communal spaces, we want to make sure you love your neighbourhood as much as we do so we're committed to maintaining a grounds maintenance schedule throughout the year. 

This includes managing hedges, grass cutting, weed control and shrubs. We look after these things as different times of the year so as to avoid impacting our wildlife, instead we want to help them flourish! 

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What we do

We're committed to making our communal spaces healthier for nature and people. We want to help wildlife near your home and bring the wellbeing benefits of nature closer to you. If you share your community with local wildlife like birds, butterflies and hedgehogs, you'll be pleased to know we take grounds maintenance very seriously.


Hedges are a really important habitat for birds, mammals and insects and help wildlife move between gardens and other green spaces. Hedges are trimmed where needed between November and February. We don't cut them between March and October in line with The Countryside Act 1981 - this is for the protection of wild birds, their nests and eggs.


We'll cut back shrubs in autumn and winter. If a shrub is flowering, we'll leave it alone so that bees, butterflies and insects aren't disturbed. Sometimes, birds will nest in shrubs too, so we have to be mindful of The Countryside Act 1981 again as this also applies to them.

Spraying/weed control

We'll do this where needed, between March and April, and between July and August.

We try to keep this to a minimum throughout the year to lessen the impact on wildlife but if we do need to spray or manage weeds we'll do so using safe chemicals and only use what is needed. 

Grass cutting

The main cutting season is between March and November and we’ll cut the grass when we need to. Some areas will be left to grow longer to promote the growth of wildflowers which are really important for bees, butterflies and other insects.

Extreme weather

During periods of extreme weather, such as heatwaves or heavy snow our maintenance schedule is closely monitored. If needed we'll suspend the activity (for example, grass cutting) until the weather is more suitable. 

During this time, our teams will carry out other, more beneficial works within your community.

If you notice something like flooding in a communal area during a period of bad weather, please get in touch with us to let us know what is happening and we'll be on-hand to monitor and support. 

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Urban Wilding

We’re trialling different ways of managing our green spaces, to find out which encourage the most wildlife and are enjoyed most by you. One of the ways we’re doing this is by Urban Wilding.

We’ve been letting some areas of grass grow longer so wildflowers can produce food for bees and butterflies, and we’ve sewn seeds to create meadows in other spaces. 

In the autumn we’ll plant shrubs so that birds and insects have a place to call home. Keep an eye out for different plants and creatures in your neighbourhood and see what you can spot.