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Your rent

Paying your rent

The money we receive in rent is vital because it helps us continue to provide affordable homes in the East of England. It also allows us to repair and maintain your home, provide outstanding customer service to our tenants and support them with our experienced Housing teams.

There are a few ways you can pay your rent. Direct Debit is the most convenient, and it can be set up to run on a day that suits you best, but you have lots of other options if Direct Debit doesn't work for you.

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Allpay services

Pay online

Simply enter your payment details and upon successful completion you will be emailed proof of payment.

Text message

Use your payment reference and debit card to register at  Text ‘Pay’ plus the code you set up during registration along with the amount you want to pay and your password (the last four digits of your debit card) to 81025. 

Telephone payments

Payments can be made by debit card over the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling Allpays’s automated telephone payment service on 0330 041 6497.

Payment app

The allpay app is free to download from your Apple or android smartphone and enables you to pay your bills quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

Managing your money

We know life isn’t always straight forward, so if you are experiencing difficulties paying your rent, please let us know as soon as you can – we're here to help. In the meantime, head to our money management page for tips and advice on how to keep your money flowing.

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