Easy ways to keep your home warm this winter

Although temperatures are quite mild at the moment, during the next few months it will likely start to feel a lot colder. Nobody wants to feel chilly inside their home, so we’re taking a look at some easy steps to insulate your home and keep yourself and your family toasty.

Making just a few preparations for winter can help you to stay warm and save on more heat indoors. Keeping your home warm can also prevent the build-up of damp and mould, which is essential for your health and wellbeing.

insulating your home

Keeping your home dry

A key part of keeping warm is also keeping dry - you can prevent issues like damp and mould by stopping excess water collecting around your home. There are a couple of ways to ensure your home stays nice and dry.

Turn off the incoming water supply if you’re going away. If you’re off visiting family or taking a holiday this winter, consider turning off your water at the stop tap. This is usually under the kitchen sink, but feel free to give us a call if you can’t find it. Turning off the water can avoid leaks, floods, or other issues while you’re away. You’ll just need to turn it on again when you’re back home, and let it run for a few minutes before you use it.

If you spot a leak at home, act fast. Try to find the source of the leak and if it’s something simple like tightening a tap, you may be able to fix this without tools. If you can’t find the cause of the leak, or the issue is something you’re not able to fix alone, be sure to contact us. Call us to raise an emergency repair, 24/7.

Staying warm

Your home needs to stay warm during the winter. Not only for your comfort, but for your health and wellbeing – so let’s make sure that your home is protected against the cold.

We know that the rises in household bills are making things more difficult, but we’re here to help. Your welfare is the most important thing, which means it’s essential that you always have access to heating and energy. Our teams are here to help you access financial support, review your household budget, move to a more affordable home and much more. And, you can speak with our Energy team who can assist you to save money on your bills and ensure you’re staying warm this winter.

When it comes to heating, it’s better to keep a low and steady temperature than to use your heating in bursts (switching it on and off at a high heat). Maintaining a temperature between 15-18°C will not only make sure that you’re comfortable, but it'll also help to prevent damp and mould from forming. Keeping a steady, lower temperature doesn’t cost more than only using your heating in short, high bursts – it’s often more efficient.

Quick insulation tips

Here are a few additional steps you can take at home to help keep the heat in this winter:

  • Keep doors closed when you’re not using them
  • Use rugs to cover bare floors, this helps to retain heat that would otherwise be lost through the floor.
  • Check on your seals, you’re able to use draft excluders to stop cold air coming in. If there are issues with the seals around your windows or doorways and you require our help, contact us.
  • Cover windows and consider which curtains you’re using. Thicker or thermal-lined curtains can help prevent heat loss.
  • Consider investing in a heated airer or dehumidifier. Heated airers are much cheaper than a tumble drier, though they do use electricity to run. Dehumidifiers can be more expensive to run but are excellent for combating damp and drying your washing.

We're here to help

The cold weather can increase the chances of your home being affected by damp and mould. Remember, you can report damp and mould to us by logging a repair under the repairs and maintenance section of our website. If you have concerns about damp and mould in your home and think you might need a professional to treat it please get in touch with us.  For more information and advice on damp and mould you can also visit our damp and mould page.

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