How our Domestic Abuse Officers can support you

Domestic abuse can occur in many different forms but is an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violent behaviour. This can include sexual violence and abuse can be experienced by all genders or from child to parent.

Housing is so important for anyone experiencing domestic abuse as their home should be a safe place to live. Our goal is to empower our tenants and assist them with feeling as safe as possible. This is why we recently appointed three new Domestic Abuse Officers, one for each of our housing associations. These officers will be solely dedicated to working with tenants experiencing domestic abuse.


What is the role of our Domestic Abuse Officer?

Our Domestic Abuse Officer will act as a point of contact for your housing needs and will be on hand to support you if you’re experiencing domestic abuse even if the relationship has ended.

"This role is especially important since disclosures of domestic abuse have risen significantly in recent years” explained the Domestic Abuse Officer for Victory. “Our role is to ensure those suffering or fleeing domestic abuse are provided with a holistic approach to support and a safe and secure place to live for them and their family. To build on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you must start at the base of physiological needs, where the housing need is at its most important and build from there and help and support victims to thrive”

How can our domestic abuse team support you?

We will ensure victims, survivors and their families are able to access the right support and provide assistance with housing related safety concerns. . We can carry out risk assessments, complete referrals to support agencies and look at making homes more secure. We can also support with safety planning, help you to access safe accommodation via local authorities and signpost to information about how to approach joint tenancies with your abuser.

Our Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse Manager said: “Homes are so much more than just a place to live; they provide stability, a base on which we can build and grow, a place of comfort and a place to relax and recharge. Sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone, and for victims of domestic abuse a home can be a place where they are most at risk.

“Our brilliant new team of Domestic Abuse Officers will be there to support tenants with their journey, providing vital housing support at what we know is an extremely difficult and challenging time. They will work alongside agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for our tenants, supporting them to access safe accommodation or feel safe and secure in their homes.”

The role also includes working with other teams such as the Rents team to support tenants who are in arrears and the Tenancy Management team if there are other concerns. They will also  assist tenants who are fleeing a previous home and are moving in with us have access to support services and know that we’re here to help if they need it.

How can you access support?

We know that every situation is different, and we’ll be led by you. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse or you would like to talk to someone in confidence, please get in touch with us. We can provide a safe place to meet and chat, and we’ll keep the information you tell us confidential (even if you hold a joint tenancy with your abuser)– unless we feel there are serious concerns for safety.  Alternatively, you can complete the online reporting form on our web page, or speak to us using the live chat.

If you are at immediate risk of harm please always contact the police on 999.