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Your tenancy

What your tenancy means

Your tenancy, whether it’s a starter or a tenancy for life, is the agreement that forms the basis of everything to do with your home. It outlines who’s living there, how much rent you pay and how often, and clearly sets out our responsibilities when it comes to decoration, maintenance, communal areas and so on.

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New tenant hub

Congratulations on moving into your new home with Victory Homes. On this page, we’ve collected everything you need to know as a new tenant.

Of course, you’ll find plenty of useful information across our website, but this is a good place to start!


When you move into a Victory home, there are certain things that we’ll look after for you if they break. Similarly, there are things in your home for which you are responsible. From carpets to curtains, hobs to hedges, and garages to gutters – it’s important to know which things you’re responsible for and which things you can leave to us.

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Reporting fraud – see it, report it, stop it

It is important that all the homes in your community, including yours, are used by the people who need them – that’s why we take fraud very seriously. If you spot someone committing fraud, please let us know (and don't worry, we can keep your identity private). Here are the most common types of fraud: 

Unlawful subletting

This is when a tenant rents out their home without us knowing or giving permission.

Abandonment or non-occupation

When a tenant leaves their home without letting us know, this is called ‘abandonment’. It’s known as ‘non-occupation’ when your home is not your main home and isn’t used very often.

Wrongly claimed succession

As our homes are homes for life, it can mean that a tenant may pass away in their home. If this happens, and someone tries to take over the tenancy without being entitled to the home, it’s known as wrongly claimed succession.

Key selling

This is when a tenant is paid to give their keys to another person.

False Right to Buy or Right to Acquire

You may be entitled to buy your home under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire government schemeshowever if you give us false information as part of your application, you will be committing fraud.

Benefit fraud

It is illegal to claim benefits you are not entitled to on purpose (for example not informing of change of circumstances or providing false information). For benefit fraud, it’s best to call the benefit fraud hotline.

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How we respond to fraud

If we receive a report of fraud being committed in a Victory Homes home, we will work with the police and other organisations to ensure action is taken and this may result in you losing your home.

Tenancy Fraud is a criminal offence and in the very worst instances could result in two years in prison or a maximum of £50,000 fine. So, if you see it, make sure you report it and we can help put an end to it.

Change in circumstances

Lots of things can change during your tenancy - your family might grow or someone could move out. Whatever it is, if something changes, let us know.