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Help for Ukraine

Helping Ukrainian refugees

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is a tragedy for families of all ages and backgrounds. If you're wondering what you can do to help, there are a few ways you can show your support.

You can donate to Unicef, the British Red Cross or the DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian appeal, among others. Or, if you have space in your home, you can take part in the Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme to help rehome a Ukrainian refugee.

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Do you have space in your home?

If you have a spare room that you’d like to offer to someone from Ukraine, you might be able to take part in the Homes for Ukraine scheme – this would make you a ‘Sponsor’. The room will need to be available for at least six months, and it’s vitally important that by letting someone stay with you for that long that your home doesn’t become overcrowded.
After you’ve applied, the Government will visit your home to check it’s a safe and suitable environment for people arriving from Ukraine. This means making sure it’s heated, and that your guests have adequate access to a bathroom and kitchen.

We’ll only give our permission for you to welcome people into your home if it doesn’t cause your household to become overcrowded.

How to become a Sponsor

Step 1

Tell us you’re planning to open your home to a refugee and apply for permission from us using the form below.

Step 2

Register your interest on the Government website, here, where you can confirm how many people you wish to welcome into your home.

Step 3

Keep us updated with the progress of your application, so that we know who’s living in your home at all times.

The impact of opening your home

Please note, the £350 a month payment from the Government is a thank you for hosting a refugee from Ukraine. You will need to continue paying your rent as normal, and you must not charge your guests any additional rent. If you’re claiming Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, it’s your responsibility to ensure you have informed the Department of Work and Pensions or Local Authority. If you are a single person claiming a council tax allowance, you may also need to inform your local Council Tax department.

Don’t forget, the people who come to your home from Ukraine might be going through a significant level of trauma. Their lives have been turned upside down and they could be experiencing grief for friends and family. While there is no legal requirement for you to help them with things like registering with a GP or getting a job, please do support them with small daily tasks or potentially helping them understand English if you can. Please be patient with them while they adjust to their new lives.

For more information about the Homes for Ukraine scheme, please head over to the FAQ page on the Government website.

Permission to welcome people from Ukraine into your home

Thank you for your generosity in opening your home to people from Ukraine. Before anyone moves in, you must first have our written consent - this is primarily to make sure your home doesn’t become overcrowded.

Full address including postcode
Please note, if the information you provide now doesn’t match what we have on our records, we’ll be in touch to get more information.