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We're trialling robotic insulation in our homes

In October 2020, we partnered with robotic underfloor insulator, Q-Bot, to trial the new use of technology in our homes, helping to make them warmer, more energy efficient and affordable for our tenants.

Q Bot

A total of 38 homes have received the robotic insulation, which will help to reduce fuel bills by an average of £125 a year, helping to tackle fuel poverty. The insulation is also designed to make homes healthier, by reducing the risk of damp and mould. 

Over the past few years, we’ve been embracing a greener, cleaner approach across the Group, and aim to achieve an EPC rating of C for all homes by 2035. This partnership has helped us move one step closer towards this goal and will help to improve the future of our tenants and communities, as well as the future of the planet. 

Megan Gonsalves, Energy and Sustainability Manager at Flagship Group said: 

“This project is a great example of how working together achieves significant carbon reduction and improves the lives of our tenants and the planet.  

Nearly two thirds of UK homes fail to meet long-term energy efficiency targets, but through working in partnership to install this new insulation, we will be able to provide a more affordable and energy efficient living environment.” 

Research suggests that around 20% of all heat escapes through a suspended timber floor. In homes with this type of flooring, the cool air circulating under the floorboards can cause draughts and can lead to homeowners paying an extra 10% on their energy bills.  

The Q-Bot robots have been a great affordable solution to this, as they are able to access the underfloor void and spray insulation to the underside of suspended timber floors, helping to reduce heat loss and make the home more energy efficient. 

The tenants who have already received the Q-Bot insulation have seen a huge improvement with heat retention in their homes. 100% of tenants agreed that the Q-Bot insulation had made their homes much warmer and 88% of tenants said they would recommend Q-Bot to others. 

One tenant was quick to praise the work saying: “I can really notice the difference since having parts of the flooring insulated. On the very cold days, the kitchen and bathroom are quite cold compared to the rest of the house as the team were unable to insulate those areas. The rooms that have been insulated are so much warmer.” 

Already looking towards the future, we’ve identified 2000 of our homes that may be suitable for Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation. This has been modelled on a 9-year programme to ensure all homes reach EPC band C by 2035.  

Tackling fuel poverty and making homes more efficient and affordable for tenants is now more important than ever. These energy efficiency improvements will also help to lower the Groups carbon footprint, by reducing energy consumption, helping us reach our goal of becoming net zero by 2050.